Development both on and off the pitch is at the centre of everything we do. Education plays an important part of our training programs, which we offer throughout the UK, Europe and on a global scale. We work with leading educational establishments to offer a range of pathways to qualifications including BTEC, A-levels and have recently launched a new Foundation Course in partnership with the University of Northampton in the UK.

There is a range of academic pathways available to players and students to ensure their careers flourish whether they are aspiring to be professional players or work within the football industry.

There is an array of roles and career opportunities within the sporting sector and as part of the Future Lions team you can discover and develop and achieve your goals, both academic and physical.

Our senior players benefit from a range of educational options to help them develop and prepare for their future in football. With access to a range of globally recognised professional qualifications the opportunities are limitless.

Future Lions Education